Craftsmanship Requires 3 Things

  1. IntegrityA quality that requires honesty, morality, principle, and ethics.
  2. SimplicityA natural, unfettered approach to design, conception, and craft. 
  3. Hard WorkThe heart behind your furniture resides in the hands of those that create it.

Amish craftsman sanding a wood chair

Enduring Quality

The furniture we bring you is furniture that will last for years to come - that's our promise. We are highly selective in the Amish woodworkers we partner with. If our name is behind it, we want nothing but the best. Our Amish furniture comes straight from the wood shops of Ohio and Indiana, where it is made with careful attention to detail by master craftsmanship with a unique touch that reflects time-honored traditions of integrity, simplicity, and hard work.

Amish woodworker hand sanding a wood table edge

Attention to Detail

While the Amish have rightly earned a reputation for their master craftsmanship, the reality is that not all Amish furniture is made equally. In furniture-making, the small things make the difference. 

At Charleston Amish Furniture, we carefully inspect the workshops and the furniture they produce - not paternalistically, but as partners in the quest for excellence. We turn over chairs, slide drawers back and forth, feel the surfaces, inspect the finishing, and talk frankly with the craftsmen who provide their labor of love. For you, our valued customer, this means you can expect the highest quality of workmanship in all the furniture you see in our store and on these pages.

Amish craftsman measuring a piece of wood while making furniture