Amish Mattresses

Foam, Pillow Top, Innerspring, Motion Base & Two-Sided Mattresses

The right mattress gives you more than a great night’s sleep. It provides rest that gives you energy for the day ahead. At Charleston Amish Furniture, our handmade Amish mattresses are custom-built to give you the comfort of luxurious quilting, the highest quality foam padding, and strong components, like extra heavy 12.5 gauge offset coil, that contribute to a good night’s rest and long-term support.

Our selection of Amish mattresses include two-sided flippable mattresses that provide additional years of comfort, single-sided innerspring plush/firm or pillow top mattress, and adjustable base mattresses that offer personalized comfort. Whether you're looking for a twin mattress for your children or a California king mattress for the master bedroom, each Amish mattress is made to precise standards that rank Amish mattresses among the finest in the world.

Amish mattresses are backed by a 20-year warranty—more than most national mattress brands—to guarantee you enjoy many years of better sleep. If you haven’t experienced the supreme quality and absolute comfort of an Amish-made mattress, now is the time to compare. Find an Amish mattress that's the right size and comfort for you at our Charleston, SC furniture store.